Beginners Adventures Series 3 Episode 118:56

Beginners Adventures Series 3 Episode 1

2012 (1/5): The Beginner is his new form and new companion travel to the Aztecs, not knowing what will happen next...


The Beginner runs into the now availible TARDIS, talking to Mardock. He takes off and then realizes he isn't there, and he's in the exploding chamber. All of a sudden, a woman appears in the TARDIS, after punishment from the Judoon. They later arrive, on Earth. Aztec era! The Beginner has his new purple clothes on. He gets a flashforward of a bad time. He is seen falling into a crack in the floor, of lava. This takes place in the 21st of December... 2012.

Roles Actor
The Beginner StevieGLiverpool


Aztec man StevieGLiverpool
Set designer StevieGLiverpool, HannahOFlaherty597

References and continuityEdit

  • This episode takes place straight after Convertion.
  • The Beginner's previous clothes are seen, ripped up
  • The Judoon are mentioned.

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