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Beginners Adventures Series 1 Episode 111:10

Beginners Adventures Series 1 Episode 1

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Attack of the Plant (1/5): The Beginner has his first adventure. He lands in the Jones gardens, but there's only one plant. The plant fell in a time crack, but instead of being erased from history, it got power from it! Now the Beginner must stop the plant before it takes over the universe!


The Beginner is bored and wants a holiday. He decides to go to the Jones Gardens but finds out there's nothing there. Nothing but a giant plant. The plant is a Raxoclofalopt Plant and it got hungry. The plant seems to have fallen through a Time Crack and appeared in the Jones Gardens and ate everything. The building, the plants, even Jim Jones , the owner, himself. In the end, the planet mentions he just ate, meaning The Beginner managed to use the sonic to remove the food and put it in a bulb, just using sonic.

Roles Actor
The Beginner StevieGLiverpool
The Raxoclofalopt Plant StevieGLiverpool
Set designer


References and continuityEdit

  • The opening theme is in the same style as the real Doctor Who theme (1996/2005-2009/2010-2012/2013/2014-2017)
  • The Beginner has a sonic walking stick , just like The Doctor has a sonic screwdriver
  • The Beginner meets Jim Jones in a later incarnation. (2013)

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