Cave of Curses (4/5): The Beginner is trapped in a cursed cave with Jo somewhere else but she is forced to reveal her ultimate secret...

Beginners Adventures Series 3 Episode 4

Beginners Adventures Series 3 Episode 4


The Beginner gets trapped in a cave, whilst Jo stays in her normal location in the temple. The Beginner uses his sonic to communicate with Jo, outside of the cave. His first cave challenge is darkness, which is a still gas that burns. Jo is trying to stop it, but The Beginner knows there is no way, so he runs, burnt. After that he comes up to a man, who is also in the trap. He was no help for the further task, which is to choose the right path. The Beginner uses sonic but it doesn't help, so he has to make a dangerous choice. He goes in one and he escapes the cave. Jo reveals the secret to The Beginner, but he is content, because he knows what he has to do, to save the world...

Roles Actor
The Beginner StevieGLiverpool


Set designer HannahOFlaherty597

References and continuityEdit

  • The Beginner mentions his instinct which told him to land in The Jones Gardens. (Attack of the Plant)
  • Jo talks about the Judoon's punishment and how that caused for their encounter. (2012)