Biological Type


Place of origin

Mondas, Telos


The Doctor's Brother, Convertion, Battle of the Beginner

Notable Individuals

Luke, Cyberleader

The Cybermen are cyborgs who were first ever encountered on their home planet Mondas which was Earths twin planet.

The Beginner first encountered one in the wreck of the disaster hotel, who he claimed to be the Doctor's Brother. The Beginner destroyed him with water from the disaster hotel which was no ordinary water and contained special special properties allowing the water to destroy a cyberman. (The Doctor's Brother)

The second time was at a conversion chamber, where he trapped the TARDIS in some sort of invisible chamber. He wanted to convert The Beginner, and was doing so. The Beginner ordered Mardock to get the potion and smash the bottle on his head. It had lava and acid and thus caused the Beginner to regenerate. The regenerative energy caused lot of power malfuctions and the place came down as a result of this regeneration, allowing the stasis shield to come down and grant access into the TARDIS. (Convertion)

The Death formed an alliance with the Cybermen in order to kill the Beginner, however the Beginner raised his own army comprised of Daleks, Silence and Rock Kind. The Death also had a plan to convert Jo into a Cyberman, and succeeded partially. However the process went wrong and Jo turned against him, killing him. (Battle of the Beginner)

More infoEdit

  • The Cybermen are the first villains directly from Doctor Who to appear on the show.

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