Encounters is the first story in the Beginner's Adventures Stories Series.


On the run form his own people, the Beginner explores a strange terrain where everything and everyone are made from clouds. However, when a town is decimated by attacks from beyond, the Beginner with a new friend must journey to the central government to defend the defenseless. But will the war end, and what casualties will occur?


It starts off with The Beginner running away from Time Lord recruiters. Time Lords are hiring people for an army and The Beginner wants no part of it. He runs off into a pile of red rocks. These red rocks end up being TARDISes, The Beginner emergency exits. In the vortex, he crashes with a police box, this causes electricity around the TARDIS and it crashes. Instead of materializing, he falls out of a hole, an energy hole. The Beginner falls out of the messed up TARDIS, looking at endless trees and paths. He chose one, and before he knew it, it ended and the rest was ice. He also chose sand, lava and ocean. It seems like it was a portal forest with paths leading to different biomes for different planets in the solar system. there was Hell, Plains and Sky. He went to the vegetable one and then went off to the cloud one, after collecting veg. He really enjoyed the biome, walking on clouds. Great thick clouds. The Beginner walked and walked until he came across a village. It became night and figures of clouds started to appear. He asked one of them if he could stay somewhere, and he said he had to go to the king for permission. It was this moment, where The Beginner made friends with Majestic, the cloud creature. When they went off to the kind, airplanes started appearing, destroying the village. Majestic was affected by this a lot. Along the path, Majestic talks about the war. How they want land and never got it, so they are destroying it. Then, the path is attacked but The Beginner gets onto a plane and flies off. They soon jump into the city, talk to the king and finally go to war. The cloud creatures win and The Beginner heads back.


  • Although not inspired by it, it is familiar to the man who lives in the clouds in The Snowmen.
  • The blue police box in the time Vortex is the Doctor's TARDIS.
  • The war that the Time Lords are fighting is the Time War .
  • The red rocks at Gallifrey are TARDISes, which are in chameleon circuits. The Doctor mentions the chameleon circuit in An Unearthly Child, when he first found out that it didn't work anymore.