End of the Line (1/5): The Beginner lands in the last thing that will ever exist in time and space, a spaceship. The Beginner reaches the end of the vortex into that ship, but the man inside used an SOS for evil uses, he wants to use the TARDIS and escape, leaving the helpless Beginner to die...

Beginners Adventures Series 2 Episode 1

Beginners Adventures Series 2 Episode 1

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The Beginner picks up a distress call to find out that he landed on the last surviving ship and human EVER, the end of the vortex, the end of time and space itself. When he lands, the survivor decides to trap The Beginner in various places, so he can escape, but The Beginner always seems to get out. He finds out that his name is Mardock. The Beginner in the end, lets Mardock go with him, as his first ever companion.

Notes Edit

  • The Beginner gets a companion for the first ever time, who was also the villain for the episode.
Roles Actors
The Beginner StevieGLiverpool
Mardock bigunneruk
Set designer StevieGLiverpool

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