This is a list of Beginner's Adventures stories that never got past the 'idea' stage.

Series 2 Edit

  • Wreck of the SS Future

This story was to feature a spaceship called the SS Future. The Beginner with Mardock would land on the ship moments before it crashed onto the giant red planet below, where hostile aliens would attempt to kill the Beginner. They would later find the TARDIS and escape. This episode was replaced with Convertion, however the end credits of Test of a Time Lord Part 2 state that the next episode will be called Wreck of the SS Future (which obviously didn't happen).

Series 4 Edit

  • Detective Beginner

Detective Beginner was to be set in either the past or modern England, where the Beginner and Jo would have to solve a murder. This story was later replaced (even though that one wasn't produced either).

The Boy Who Lived was to be set in a cinema screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It would've been revealed that this was the location that the Beginner wanted to take Jo to at the end of Time Lord Duel. An entity would've taken control of the cinema and brought Harry Potter and Voldermort to life, where the Beginner and Jo would help Harry defeat Voldermort in a battle. This episode would've helped reference the Beginner's love for Harry Potter as referenced in Revenge of the Basilisk.

  • Knightmare (Part 1 and 2)

This would've been the second two-parter story in Beginner's Adventures (after Test of a Time Lord Part 1 and Part 2). It would've featured the Cybermen yet again in an old Medieval castle, where the knights come to life and kill people, and later revealed to be Cybermen.

  • Unnamed Series Finale

The series finale would've featured the return of Mardock as a Dalek. It would've re-united the two relatives Jo and Mardock for the first time on-screen and Mardock would ultimately sacrifice himself to save the Beginner and Jo from the Daleks. This plot point was later recycled as Mardock ends up killing Jo in Battle of the Beginner, but they team up in the end to kill the Death, sacrificing both of them.

Beginner's Adventures Stories Edit

  • The Tribes of Tezener

The Tribes of Tezener would've featured a new planet called Tezener, in which a savage tribe would capture and attempt to kill the Beginner. Not much else was thought about in the idea behind the book.

  • UFO

UFO would've been the first meeting between the Beginner and the Doctor. A UFO would fly and it would take both the Doctor and the Beginner to find out what it is and stop it if it was deadly. It would've taken both of their TARDISes to resolve the story. This plot point was later reused in When Worlds Collide.