Lord Erdarath
The skeleton
The skeleton from Hell

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Skeleton in Hell, Battle of the Beginner

Lord Erdarath is part of the skeleton people who lived on the planet Hell. He stayed behind, serving his sentence whilst the rest escaped after finding a way out. The Beginner landed on Hell, finding out that there was only one skeleton in the planet of punishment. It seems like something odd happened, an Entity had struck the Lord and it seemed to be after The Beginner. The only choice he had was to fly away, destroying Hell behind, meaning that the bad people who would be later sent to Hell would be free to roam... (Skeleton in Hell)

Lord Erdarath was in the Grand Master's prison. (Battle of the Beginner)

Extra InfoEdit

  • Lord Erdarath was the first character to be played by spikespeed125 (later called Spike_Dimentos, named after one of his characters).