Majestic was a cloud creature who lived in the Sky, in a small village called Snowland.

When the Beginner's TARDIS failed and crashed, he encountered Sky and Snowland - in which the cloud creatures appeared from their surroundings. Majestic was the first Cloud Creature that the Beginner encountered, and he asked him where he could seek help for his crashed TARDIS. However Humans attacked and demolished Snowland, leaving Majestic with nowhere to live and no family or friends remaining and decided to tag along with the Beginner to go to the City in the Sky to talk to the King and fight the humans.

The path that led to the City in the Sky was also partially destroyed by the humans, however the Beginner's quick thinking saved the entire path from being destroyed and saved himself and Majestic in the process.

Majestic was present in the Final Fall in which the cloud creatures won the final battle against the humans, leading to a safe Sky. However, the Beginner had to leave and return to his TARDIS, bidding fairwell to his first new friend. (Encounters)