Markson Frost was a member of the Alien Institute of Dangerous Discoveries and a friend of the Beginner.

They first met when the Beginner stood up to the Forms who threatened to destroy and take over Earth. Markson noticed the Beginner's usefulness and bravery and decided to recruit him for his organisation. Markson put the Beginner to the test in the AIDD base where he saw the Beginner break into a room with various Form protection crystals. When the Beginner returned from battle, Markson congratulated him on his rescuing of Earth. He asked the Beginner if he'd stay an agent of the cause, but the Beginner refused. (The Name of Earth)

Markson Frost was called by the Beginner when he noticed three suspiciously smart students.

After finding out that Tralons feed off of knowledge, the Beginner got Markson to make easy test papers so that the Tralons would have nothing to feed on, but as a result of this the three students left and led the Beginner and Mark to their spaceship.

When the Beginner was being attacked by the ship, he ran off into a surveillance room where he could control different aspects of the ship, and aided the Beginner when he reached the food source of the Tralons. The Beginner believes that his time on Earth and the awful encounters were his fault, and thus says goodbye to Markson and leaves. (Invasion of the Perfectlings).