The Raxoclofalopt Plant is a massive-everything-eater plant. He fell into a time crack, but instead of not existing, he fell right into The Jones Gardens. He ate all the plants and Jim Jones himself! The Beginner (in his first adventure) was expecting to see the incredible sights of The Jones Gardens, but saw everything was destroyed. The plant gave away too much information and The Beginner was able to sonic the food out of the plant and place it inside a bulb, which would be able to re-populate the garden. (Attack of the Plant) The information about the time crack given to the Beginner by the plant led to the next episode (The War and the Time Crack).

Extra InfoEdit

  • The Raxoclofalopt plant was the first villain to ever appear on Beginner's Adventures, and was the first played by StevieGLiverpool himself.