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The second incarnation of the Beginner came to be after he had a potion smashed on his head in order to stop a Cyberman conversion process. He asked Mardock how he looked and was apalled by his previous incarnation's dress sense. (Convertion).

In a state of emergancy, the Beginner took off, not realising that he left Mardock behind. However almost instantly, a female appeared in his TARDIS, which was at the time drifting through the Time Vortex. She was Joanna Johnson, and was sentenced to death by the Judoon by being sent into the Vortex, but was accidentally rescued by the Beginner.

After getting changed, the Beginner landed in Aztec, but had a fatal vision of the world ending in 2012, so he with help of Jo was determined to change these events. (2012)

Inside a temple, the Beginner and Jo searched for clues. The Beginner found what he was looking for when he encountered a golden statue who helped him. He soon found a cave with a chest, but turned around and saw a familiar face. His father. (The First Clue)

A Time Lord known as the Death used the ancient Mayan Calender to attempt to destroy Earth to bring back Gallifrey, and asked the Beginner to join him. He refused, but he didn't like his alternative option which was to kill him. Not long after, the Death teleported him elsewhere in the depths of the temple, forcing him to battle with the Mummy. After killing it twice, they were teleported away.

The Beginner came to a decision and killed the Death, but before dying, he was able to teleport the Beginner to the Cave of Curses. (Like Father Like Son)

The Beginner wakes up, and realises he isn't with Jo. Meanwhile in the temple, Jo looks for him before he starts communicating with her by using his sonic sweet and the co-ordinates of their general whereabouts, warning her that things will get tricky. He asks her for help, such as suggestions for in front of him is a deadly gas. She suggests tampering with the gas using his sonic, but it doesn't work, forcing him to walk through it. He tries to talk to Jo, but she isn't responding anymore. So he runs through the gas, but causes him to faint.

After waking up he finds Jo in the Cave with him, and to survive she must tell him something or she'll die slowly for 100 years. She tells him that Gallifrey is coming back. He's in shock, for he killed the Death.

They eventually come to an intersection where one way will kill them whilst the other leads to their salvation. They go to the right and are able to escape the Cave. Jo reveals that she alterted the timelines to Aztec to bring back the return of Gallifrey. The Beginner decides that together they'll save Earth and send Gallifrey back where it belongs. (Cave of Curses)

A voice tells the Beginner that they are no longer required in Aztec. The Beginner decides to land on Earth, 2012, as per the prophecy. A voice tells the Beginner that there is danger at Gallifrey, so he goes there and meets his dad once again, now newly regenerated. It is here that the Death reveals his name, having previously been known as the Saviour. However, the Death shoots the Beginner in the chest. Jo is able to save him by reverting his timelines so that he doesn't die.

The Beginner returns to Aztec where the Death is waiting for them. They decide to finally settle things with a duel, and the Beginner emerged victorious. The Beginner shoves the Death's body into the river, hoping that's the last of him.

Back in the TARDIS, Jo is to give herself a note telling her to change the timelines. The Beginner browses through photos of his dad before throwing them behind him. He's thought of the place to land. (Time Lord Duel)

Some time later, the Beginner landed in a secluded cabin where he discovered the police investigating the death of someone named Adam. However he was promptly arrested for impersonating a police officer as well as being a suspect involved in the murder. However, when Stevenson was killed, the Beginner was released but helped Brody find the killer. They ended up finding S4N-T and Franken, who were the guilty party of the crimes. In a fit of rage, the Beginner shot Franken, causing S4N-T to panic and grow in size. The Beginner broke into his giant body using the TARDIS and de-activated him. (Red Christmas)

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