Sir Grofi was a Time Lord, who managed the Test of the Time Lords. It was later found out the the test of the Time Lords wasn't an actual thing, but instead a plan by The Death to kill his son, The Beginner.

Test of the Time LordsEdit

Sir Grofi used a beam to get The Beginner to the test of the Time Lords, something he's been trying to avoid. He was standing next to a Time Lord when this happened. He made Mardock and The Beginner sit on a pair of chairs to teleport into the test. (Test of a Time Lord Part 1)

When The Beginner and Mardock returned safely, Sir Grofi wasn't there for unknown reasons. (Test of a Time Lord Part 2).

The DeathEdit

The Death would meet The Beginner later on in Aztec and reveal that the test of the Time Lords was fake, made by him in an attempt to assassinate The Beginner, which failed. (Like Father Like Son).