Skeleton in Hell (4/5): The Beginner finds his way in a planet called Hell, very similar to how it is described on Earth. When a friendly skeleton talks about how he got there and how the others escaped, an evil force enters his body, and that force wants the Beginner.

Beginners Adventures Series 1 Episode 4

Beginners Adventures Series 1 Episode 4

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The Beginner lands on a planet. Hell. He meets up with a skeleton there, who seems quite nice. He seems to have heard of him by legends. He mentions that a hole was found in the planet, all the skeletons escaped, roaming around. But not him. Not Lord Erdarath. All of a sudden, something takes over the body and its after The Beginner. The Beginner takes off in his TARDIS and destroys Hell behind, leaving all the need to be punished with no place to go...

Notes Edit

  • This marks the first appearance of Spike_Dimentos in the show as spikespeed125 who would later have a large influence in the show post-Series 3.
Roles Actors
The Beginner StevieGLiverpool
Lord Erdarath spikespeed125
Set desginer


References and ContinuityEdit

  • Erdarath mentions The Beginner as legend, just like The Doctor is.
  • When the Beginner visited the forest which led to different biomes, one of them was Hell. (Encounters)