StickMarsChannel is the youtube account which David Diaz owns and where most BA episodes lie.

His first fewEdit

David owned a channel his dad made for him called sagitario114, but after he started uploading spanish videos etc. he was fed up of the channel and made his own. He liked making stick man videos and wanted to make a channel of it so his original name was going to be StickManChannel but it was taken, this was before his discovery of being able to make a channel name anyway... His first video was Episode 1 of funny roblox pictures which was his greatest success. Episode 2, not so much. He ran out of places to make those videos, so he randomly made any videos using paint and windows movie maker, ROBLOX and movie maker or just roblox.


UF1 is one of the best things that has happened to him. The reason he got in was because he discovered superfangran's Writer Who whose episodes he enjoyed. Superfangran (Hayden) invited him into UF1 with Hayden's friends drwho91 and spikespeed125. He was part of the 4. UF1 is also where the first Beginner's Adventures came out but with a technichal difficulty which resulted in the episode coming a week late. He made great friends (and enemies and more friends) all thanks to Unitedfilmers1