TARDIS in Rome (3/5): They manage to track down the TARDIS, in Rome! They have fun, but there's someone guarding the TARDIS, and an unknown presense invades Rome.

Beginners Adventures Series 1 Episode 3

Beginners Adventures Series 1 Episode 3

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The Beginner goes to Rome, to get The Doctor 's TARDIS , since it rejected him in the previous episode. It appears a Roman guard is preotecting the TARDIS, The Doctor gets stabbed and is on the verge of regeneration, but stops all of a sudden. When they returned to the TARDIS, the guard was gone, and the statues has moved... Sooner or later they grab The Doctor, but The Beginner knows well to get him free. In the end, The Beginner goes in his TARDIS and uses the teleportation power on themselves and that destroys them off Rome, but they are still around... 

Notes Edit

Roles Actor
The Beginner StevieGLiverpool
The Doctor


Set designer StevieGLiverpool

References and ContinuityEdit

  • The episode continues from The War and the Time Crack
  • The Doctor is in this episode
  • The Doctor's TARDIS is seen
  • The Doctor dissapears and is seen being burned on a boat. This was from The Impossible Astronaut.