Beginners Adventures Series 2 Episode 3

Beginners Adventures Series 2 Episode 3

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Test of a Time Lord Part 1 (3/5): The Beginner lands on his home planet, Gallifrey. He has to complete a test to show he's worthy of the title of a Time Lord. The test could kill a Time Lord, so will The Beginner or Mardock survive?


The Beginner is in a rush. He wants to land and is rushing Mardock to come up with somewhere to go. Soon enough it is explained. A beam is bulling the TARDIS through, The Beginner must go through the test of a Time Lord. All his family have died in that test according to The Beginner and now he has to complete it, to show if he's worthy of being a Time Lord. They arrive at Gallifrey, home land of the Time Lords. They seem to be in a smaller dome than the usual, famous one where the massive city is. They have to sit on chairs to be teleported, after talking to Sir grofi and a Time Lord. There aren't many tasks. Infact, nothing can be considered a task apart from the pick the correct door. They see someone die and they recognize that this will be their fate unless they pick the right door...

Roles Actor
The Beginner StevieGLiverpool
Mardock bigunneruk
Sir Grofi britannic12
Set desginer StevieGLiverpool, Darthbob19

References and ContinuityEdit

  • Gallifrey is seen
  • Time Lord robes are seen
  • The Beginner had previously tried to be sent to the Test before. (Skaro)