The Doctor's Brother: The Beginner appears in the disaster hotel wreck without his TARDIS after a BBC report. Its the end of the world on Christmas. So The Beginner must save the Earth, from The Cybermen...


Beginners Adventures The Christmas Special

Beginners Adventures The Christmas Special

Johnny Lozak reports for BBC, declaring that on Christmas, the world will end. Just them, a Cyberman walks towards him and attacks him live on air.

The Beginner wakes up in the wreck of the Disaster Hotel after being teleported. The Beginner is confused as to why the teleport was in the TARDIS and why the destination was the Disaster Hotel, but decides to explore and calls the lift. However when the lift arrives, a Cyberman is there waiting for him. The lift leaves with the Cyberman in it, so the Beginner runs up the stairs to catch him.

When he arrives at the top, the Cyberman is lying next to a dying body on the floor - the skeleton is a slave to the Cyberman. The skeleton is revealed to be Johnny himself being taken by the Cyberman who says he was also teleported to the Disaster Hotel. Johnny prophesises the Doctor's return and the Cyberman drops a sonic device, leading the Beginner to speculate that the Cyberman murdered him. Johnny is then teleported.

Alone, the Beginner asks the Cyberman questions as to why his people are invading Earth. He answers with the fact that they are looking for the Doctor. When the Beginner asks for his business with the Doctor, he tells him that the Doctor is his brother. The Beginner believes that he is lying, and fires a fire extinguisher which harms him and another nearby Cyberman. The Beginner soon realises the sonic screwdriver belongs to the Doctor, and that the Cyberman didn't kill him after all, and soon regrets his desicion of killing him. However, the Doctor appears in the body of the dead Cyberman and confirms that he is his brother, and gives the name of the brother as Luke.

The Beginner finishes off the Cyberman and destroys him once and for all, and the skeleton of Johnny reveals himself to be the Defeater, and tells the Beginner that they will meet again.

Notes Edit

  • This marks the second appearance of the Doctor, as well as another Time Lord known as The Defeater.
  • This also marks the first appearance of a villain directly from Doctor Who, the Cybermen.
  • This is the first set used not designed by StevieGLiverpool.
Roles Actor
The Beginner StevieGLiverpool
Cyberman, Brother, Doctor drwho91
Johnny Lozak, The Defeater britannic12
Set designer StevieGLiverpool, kitteh6660

References and continuityEdit

  • This is the first time the Beginner meets a villain from Doctor Who (not including stories or comics), having mentioned some before.
  • The Doctor re-appears (The War and the Time Crack, TARDIS in Rome)