The First Clue (2/5): The Beginner and new companion Jo get a clue of the calender and extra information thanks to a cursed gold statue...


The Beginner enters a big and bad temple with a keep out sign. As they enter the temple, the Beginner tells Jo to be
Beginners Adventures Series 3 Episode 225:07

Beginners Adventures Series 3 Episode 2

careful, but she goes ahead and says 'Where's the fun in being careful?'. The Beginner finds a clue to what could tell them about the calender that they are looking for. 'The statue of gold, where the secrets are told'. They know what they are looking for... but don't know where it is, and in a massive temple, quite hard. There's a reference towards the events of Mardock, who is Jo's great great great great grandfather. The Beginner finds the golden statue, and ask for clues. But they get mislead, but still with the important clues of it. They find themselves in a small cave, where The Beginner introduces his father...
Roles Actor
The Beginner StevieGLiverpool
Jo HannahOFlaherty597
Golden Statue HannahOFlaherty597
Set designer StevieGLiverpool

References and ContinuityEdit

  • There's a keep out sign (A Town called Mercy)
  • The events of Convertion are mentioned
  • This episode continues from 2012

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