The Time Crack ended up being during the World War Two blitz in a wreck site, disguised as a crack in the floor which would've been a common sight during that time period. (The War and The Time Crack) It was first spoken of by the Raxoclofalopt plant, as it fell in and caused havoc in The Jones Gardens (Attack of the Plant).

The Beginner meets The Doctor for the first time, but he does say that they have met before, The Doctor does not remember this though. He is stuck here, TARDISless. The Beginner closes this time crack, so it's just a crack in the floor (and it stopped those minions he created like the spinning bricks). The world is safe at last, seeing as The Beginner closes the crack here, it would close everywhere, cracks in the floor, everywhere. (The War and The Time Crack)

Extra infoEdit

  • The Time Crack wasn't exactly a villain per se, but more of a being that had good intentions for itself but was causing a lot of trouble everywhere.
  • The Time Crack is not the same as the Time Crack from Doctor Who where the crashing TARDIS caused cracks in time to appear everywhere - although they did have the same abilities such as erasing someone from time.