Roblox Time Lord

The Time Lord from 'Test of a Time Lord' Part 1 and 2

The Time Lords are a species from the planet Gallifrey. The Doctor and The Beginner are part of that species.

In his test of becoming a worthy time lord, Sir Grofi and a companion time lord next to him. He punched the companion though. His dad also made an appearance, dead. (Test of a Time Lord Part 1 / Part 2)

The Writer and The Doctor have been seen. The Doctor has been seen in WWII and Rome (The War and the Time Crack, TARDIS in Rome) whilst The Writer, in her TARDIS. (The Time Bubble)

The Doctor's Brother made an apperance as a cyberman, destroyed by The Beginner because he denied the fact of who it was. (The Doctor's Brother)

The Beginner encountered an evil Time Lord. His father The Death, who used to be The Savior. He wanted to end Earth to make space for Gallifrey. In the end, The Beginner and The Death dueled, and The Death lost. (2012, Like Father Like Son, Time Lord Duel)

Time LordsEdit