Beginners Adventures Series 3 Episode 5

Beginners Adventures Series 3 Episode 5

Time Lord Duel (5/5): The Beginner travels in his new TARDIS to Gallifrey and Earth and to The Aztec/Mayan/Egyptians. Here is where the final duel, must commence...


He goes to Earth and Gallifrey to look for clues, and in the end he has to return back to the time loop, and fight his father in a sword battle, which The Beginner wins. Jo leaves herself a note for the future which means they can meet, whilst The Beginner knows where to go for their next adventure.

Roles Actor
The Beginner StevieGLiverpool


The Death HannahOFlaherty597
Set designer HannahOFlaherty597

References and continuityEdit

  • The Beginner mentions the Master and Rassilon, the latter which he fought on the Starbane impersonating the Master. (Skaro)

Trivia Edit

  • This episode had the working title of Alien Duel. This title was used at the end of the credits in Cave of Curses.