The Tralons (nicknamed Perfectlings) were an intelligent species that traveled to different planets to obtain knowledge in order to unlock a secret knowledge.

One group of Tralons named Troy, Ambert and Zeg infiltrated a school in order to gain knowledge from the humans to harvest to continue with their plan. The Beginner with the help of Markson Frost gave the students easy SATs papers which meant that they couldn't harvest any knowledge. When this happened, they left to their ship, where the


Beginner and Markson would follow.

The Tralons' true form appeared to be dog-like, but mummified and without any facial features. Their ship contained AI computers and claws carrying a liquid that would allow them to disguise into a different species. When being chased by one, the Beginner found their power source which contained an almost infinite amount of knowledge which they'd use to wipe out all knowledge except theirs. The Beginner took out all the wires which deflated their power source causing the ship to explode. (Invasion of the Perfectlings)